My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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07 Work in Progress (webdev)
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01 Battlestar Galactica - What the frak is going on? (personal)
19 Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 Location Address Bars (webdev)
06 New Web Development Features in IE8 Beta 1 for Developers (webdev)
05 IE8 To Default to Web Standards Mode (webdev)
23 http-equiv X-UA-Compatible content IE=8 (webdev)
31 Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites (webdev)
02 Switching from Windows to a Mac: Initial Impressions (webdev)
14 Back From Alaska With The Typhoid Chernys (personal)
14 Critical Mass (personal)
12 I Am Not Robert Cerny (webdev)
27 Introduction to JavaScript with Learning jQuery Book (recommended)
05 Code Text Editors for Web Development (webdev)
04 Nick Bradbury working on the TopStyle CSS XHTML Editor Again (updated 7/4) (webdev)
06 Good Luck, Alex (webdev)
02 CSS and JS Compression on the Server (webdev)
10 W3C HTML Working Group Updates and Questionnaire (webdev)
04 The Markup & Style Society and Random Coincidences (webdev)
01 Milestones (personal)
07 One Year Anniversary (webdev)
29 Article: Business Case For Web Standards-based Development (webdev)
29 An Event Apart Boston 2007 Recap (webdev)
23 Dean Edwards base2 Standards JavaScript Library (webdev)
19 Adobe Apollo Alpha -- The Future of Rich Internet Applications? (webdev)
18 Learning from Yahoo! and YUI Theater (webdev)
02 Ian Hickson on XHTML5, and Links to Google Authoring Stats (webdev)
27 So this is a Massachusetts Winter (personal)
21 Super Busy, but Going to An Event Apart Boston 2007 (webdev)
12 NavigationArts is Hiring (webdev)
12 JavaScript Event Delegation and Event Handlers (webdev)
05 Firefox Native Support for getElementsByClassName() and Microformats (webdev)
04 WHATWG New Help Mailing List (webdev)
02 Outlook 2007 and HTML Email (webdev)
02 MSIE Team Really Working on Web Standards? (webdev)
26 The Weather Outside is Frightful (personal)
25 (X)HTML 5 and the WHATWG Against XHTML Served as HTML (webdev)
20 W3C HTML WG Heck (webdev)
15 New jQuery Release 1.1 (webdev)
13 Apple iPhone and the Future Mobile Web--Safari Anyone? (webdev)
07 JavaScript Function Arguments: Default Values, Passing Objects, and Overloading (webdev)
03 An Inconvenient Truth (recommended)
03 JavaScript: The Definitive Guide 5th Edition (recommended)
03 Pro JavaScript Techniques (recommended)
01 2006: Retrospective (personal)
23 Happy Holidays 2006 (personal)
04 Firebug 1.0 Public Beta Released; Stays Open Source (webdev)
29 On HTTP: Page Load Times, Multiple File Requests, and Deferred JavaScript (webdev)
16 Coming Soon: Firebug 1.0 (webdev)
11 Debugging JavaScript with Firebug for Firefox & IE (webdev)
11 Changing Firefox's Location Bar Search Preferences (webdev)
09 Adobe Open Sources ActionScript Engine with the Mozilla Foundation (webdev)
06 Web Standards Project to Help Prioritize Fixes in Next Version of IE (webdev)
05 Overview of FF 2 vs. IE7 As a Browser, and the Future (webdev)
05 Final Upgrade of Firefox 2 (webdev)
05 Essential Firefox Developer Extensions (webdev)
05 Upgrading to Textpattern 4.0.4, Comment Spam, and So Forth (webdev)
01 Accessibility Links (Ajax, Screen Readers, Aural Stylesheets and More) (webdev)
22 Accessible Ajax, A Basic Hijax Example (webdev)
21 Blissfully Refreshing Beauty (webdev)
16 Invalid XHTML Strict Attributes and DOM Expando Properties (webdev)
10 Some JavaScript Updates (webdev)
06 Ajax and Accessibility: You're Doing it Wrong (Hijax) (webdev)
24 Howdy (personal)
23 IE7 CSS Improvements and Bugs Fixed (webdev)
16 Web Standards and Stuff (webdev)
23 Busy Busy Busy (webdev)
16 New Firefox 2 and Multiple Firefox Version Installations (webdev)
08 A Bloody Good Developer (webdev)
04 Pearl Jam Self Titled Album 2006 (personal)
03 More House Info (personal)
03 Lesson's of a Blogger (personal)
03 DomLoaded Updated, Again (webdev)
03 DomLoaded Object Literal Updated (webdev)
30 House Stuff (personal)
17 DOMLoaded Script (webdev)
09 Ajax Object Script Needs Update (webdev)
28 A Bacon Anniversary (personal)
21 Web Standards and CSS for the Large Enterprise (webdev)
18 Goodbye CSS Beauty? No Way. (webdev)
09 CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions (recommended)
09 Using jQuery (webdev)
01 Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion (recommended)
01 Browser Testing with IE7 Beta Standalones (webdev)
30 JavaScript Ajax Object Script (webdev)
29 Ajax, Atlas, W3C Oh My! (webdev)
28 JavaScript Growing Up (webdev)
19 Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (recommended)
19 Dual CSS Background Images (webdev)
11 Web Standards Distilled to Best Practices (webdev)
09 DHTML Utopia Modern Web Design Using JavaScript and DOM (recommended)
09 Eric Meyer on CSS (recommended)
09 Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide (recommended)
09 Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook (recommended)
09 Designing with Web Standards (recommended)
09 Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET (recommended)
09 XSLT : Programmer's Reference by Michael Kay (recommended)
08 Building Cherny Dot Com (webdev)
07 Hello World (personal)

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