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Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3 Location Address Bars

So I have many, many more thoughts and observations with the coming releases of IE8 and Firefox 3, but that’s another post and you’ll have to wait. I’ve been crazy busy but I just thought I’d point out something I found elsewhere (I hate doing that but this I actually thought was funny).

There’s been some commentary and posts about the new features in Firefox 3’s new location bar. Based on the embedded SQLite database used for the new Places bookmark and history management, the location bar has both a new look and a pretty impressive, as described, feature set. I haven’t used it very much, frankly, since I haven’t switched to FF3 for my daily browsing.

To read up on it, there’s these couple of posts in the last few months:

It looks impressive, but honestly only a minor subset of browser users will really be able to exploit all these features. Maybe power users like you and me, but certainly not my Mom and Dad. I just thought they were way cool.

What I thought was ironic and a little funny was a few days after the second post above IE8 Beta 1 for Developers came out and there was a post on the IEBlog about their new location bar features, at least as of beta 1.

It was cute.

The biggest, most impressive feature was the domain highlighting, designed to avoid domain spoofing, which as I recall has been available in Firefox as an add-on for quite some time. Oh wait, that add-on does even more than IE’s feature. Nevermind. Heh.

In all fairness, it’s IE8 Beta 1 for Developers. Honestly, there could be a huge UI switch out in IE8 before the code goes gold for all we know. I wish them all the luck and best of course. And the extra features in that plugin are certain high-end, not necessarily “consumer-grade” level features.

I was really just using this post as an excuse to point out the new FF3 features, which look pretty darn cool.

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