My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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If you’re here, maybe you’ve been here before. That’d be pretty cool. Welcome back.

If you’re here, and you haven’t been here before … Well, welcome to my little corner of the Web. My … woefully out of date, old, cobweb-filled corner, really …

But … maybe I’ll redesign and put up something more relevant to today.


Please check back. You might be surprised to find that behind the scenes there’s some banging, hammering, drills … and the click-click of keyboards behind the curtain.


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Past Articles

Is the Chrome Store a Game Changer?

Several weeks ago, Google released the Google Chrome Web Store, and the industry at large collectively scratched it’s head trying to figure out what the implications of the store really were. People have been looking at what’s popular, what are actual “apps” versus bookmarks to web-based tools they can use in any browser and so on. Is this Google’s crushing blow, along with the Android Market and the coming Chrome OS, to Microsoft and Apple?

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3556 days ago in Web Development (filed under html5, Web-Standards)

JavaScript and CSS Compatibility Layers vs. LOE on Web Projects

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3891 days ago in Web Development (filed under JavaScript, CSS)

Happy Holidays 2009 from NavigationArts

Small blurb on the Holiday Card that NavigationArts produced.

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3938 days ago in Web Development (filed under NavigationArts, General)

CMS Application Development with Web Standards

Brief discussion related to an article I published at NavigationArts, called CMS Application Development with Web Standards.

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3959 days ago in Web Development (filed under CMSContent-Management, Web-Standards)

365 Days Stale

So it’s been 365 days since I last touched the blog here at That’s gotta be a new record, and one of course I’m not proud of. Suffice to say it’s not like nothing’s been going on.

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3973 days ago in Web Development (filed under General, CMSContent-Management)

Anyone Out There?

Where have I been? We had a baby! Site updates coming soon. Maybe...

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4338 days ago in Personal Posts (filed under General)

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