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Anyone Out There?

Ok, so I've left this thing hanging. It's been months since I posted. And even longer since I included any compelling content. There's some parts of the site which are really starting to ... uh, rot.

Well, I'm hoping to alter that in the coming months. At some point. That's the plan anyways. We'll see.

So what's been going on?

See, I've been busy: In July of this year my wife and I welcomed into this world our first baby daughter, River Meredith. That's been life changing, to say the least. We couldn't be happier, but it's certainly created demands on our time and adjustments of priorities and timing of certain things.

Having a baby around has proved to incredibly challenging, but immensely rewarding as well. It's tough to describe. All I can say is I truely melt when she smiles and feel a shockingly powerful pain when she cries. It's been amazing seeing her start to interact wtih her environment, find her hands (and thumb!), and start to laugh and talk (well, make noises, heh!).

Now I'm not going to say "and I'm finally getting the hang of parenthood so I should have time for the blog again" ... that'd just be nuts. Let's just say it's getting a little easier (at least easier than, oh, in July) to make a concerted effort to tackle some projects.

Time will tell. And if not, well, just to share, she's darn cute so there's worse things to be spending one's time on:

I love that ;-)

We love her, and the plan is to keep her ;-)

Man, I love that kid.

Nov 6, 01:50 AM in Personal Posts (filed under General)

  1. Milan Negovan    Nov 17, 06:49 PM    #

    Rob, congratulations!

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