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Dean Edwards base2 Standards JavaScript Library

So Dean Edwards has done it again. He’s just released an early version of a JavaScript library (as he said, like we needed another) which is specifically designed to implement standards-based script interfaces from the DOM and the W3C selectors API. He’s calling it “base2”.

Why base2, you ask? Well, if you were watching he’d already released base1 which was a way to extend objects in an more object oriented way (extending them). The whole point has little to do with that first library, although I might guess that he has some of those features baked in.

I saw his comment not too long ago, and was curious what he was up to …

Why is base2 Important?

Why indeed. Because he’s fixing things. Future-proofing things just like John Resig was going on about and implementing the standard ways of doing things for browsers which don’t (largely, read: MSIE) and so there’s little to no documentation. Because the standards document it.

Ideally, you could use this with code written one way (no more multiple ways of handling events since IE still doesn’t do the standard) and one day you could actually remove it.

The way it should be. He says so much in the comments.

Also, I haven’t really looked into it, but he’s once again raised the bar on JavaScript CSS selector speeds, from what I was reading.

Kudos to Dean, again.


Yeah, he’s just got this history of doing that. Not only was he one of the first to use CSS selectors in JavaScript but he was also writing patches for IE5 and IE6 years ago.

Ok, I better stop before I get accused of kissing up. If I haven’t already crossed that line.

Mar 23, 01:25 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript, Elsewhere)

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