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I Am Not Robert Cerny

So I just thought this was plain funny, in the “what’s in a name” or “small world” category. Recently a fellow by the name of Robert Cerny released a JSON Schema validation library which has sparked some attention.

Of course, I haven’t read any of the commentary or controversy even about it, I just thought it was darn funny there was a guy named Robert Cerny.

Not that funny? Probably not, but I’m frequently easily amused.

I should release a JavaScript library and call it “cherny.js” just to muddy the waters. Sorry Robert. ;-)

Not Bob

My given name is Robert Cherny, not Robert Cerny. I mainly go by Rob, of course, and Bob just makes me crazy. Especially people who just meet me and automatically call me Bob. But whatever.

At least my name isn’t Michael Bolton or Michael Jackson, which pop up from time to time ;-)

Robert Cherny

There is a Robert Cherny in California, a history professor who recently usurped my top page rank, only to make me bitter (actually looking today I’m back on top, woohoo!). It’s funny since I was a history major in school, back in the 1990’s only to see his name on history books at the time. And now he’s come back to haunt me again.

Th Cherny name is rare, and pops up from time to time, not that anyone who hears me say it can pronounce it or spell it.

Sep 12, 11:48 AM in Web Development (filed under Funny, JavaScript)

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