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Firefox Native Support for getElementsByClassName() and Microformats

So with John Resig joining the Mozilla team, we’re getting more and more early heads up (for those of us that don’t follow the daily checkins on the source tree) on the things being checked into the Mozilla Firefox source tree.

Recent biggies include native support for some Microformat goodness and now, a checkin which includes native support for getElementsByClassName.

This is awesome stuff. Microformats was inevitable, and I’ve long wondered why browsers didn’t have some sort of support for getElementsByClassName, quite possibly the most common thing to be custom coded into every JavaScript library that focuses on unobtrusive scripting of any kind. Obvious reason being, it’s not in a spec anywhere. Well…

Of course, the WHATWG’s Web Applications 1.0 spec, currently up for consideration in the new W3C HTML WG, includes it, which is why I’d bet they could feel pretty good about tackling it.

Next, however, I couldn’t agree with one commenter on the blog post, maybe it’s time to get an implementation of CSS Queries into the DOM somewhere… complex, yes, but seriously helpful. And, it’s getting more and more coverage.

Feb 5, 11:30 AM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, JavaScript)

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