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The Markup & Style Society and Random Coincidences

So last night I was, after some serious traffic trouble, able to finally get to the Markup & Style Society meeting (get together?). Pretty cool, good times.

What was really cool was to see so many people there. The Upcoming page had like 13 people committed or something, so it was a surprise to see it so packed, a success by any measure for sure.

Thanks go to the “honorable” Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte for arranging the event and being ever gracious on the masses descending upon them in hordes.

So my copyright date does say 2007, I was sure I changed it. But, I still don’t have a favicon, aside from some of the other things on my list, it is in the works. Please be gentle, I’ve been busy!!


Also got to meet up with a guy I haven’t seen or talked to in like, 15 years at the meeting. Seriously, we went to high school in Maryland together (guess I just dated myself, ugh). I mean, I’d learned he’d moved to Boston, which was really the random coincidence #1, but #2 was that he also landed in the Web industry. Yeah, random. Very cool to see him again and hear all sorts of names from way back when. Small world, and this Internets things makes it smaller.

Maybe it will catch on after all.

The Official Seal

Oh, and I got my button.

Chad, I think you left without picking yours up!

May 4, 11:39 AM in Web Development (filed under Reviews, General)

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