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MSIE Team Really Working on Web Standards?

Molly working directly with Microsoft. Hmmm…

So this whole thing on “what’s next for the Web” has been fun to track, and continues to be with “what’s next for Internet Explorer”, everyone’s favorite (note the sarcasm) Web browser.

I’ve written before to note that the Web Standards Project was increasing it’s efforts with it’s Microsoft Task Force and even help them prioritize fixes, etc. It’s been an interesting thing to watch as it develops and the IE team’s very own Chris Wilson joined the Web Standards Project to help get some new perspectives. And don’t forget, Chris Wilson may be the new chair of the W3C’s HTML Working Group.

But, the latest is Molly Holzschlag working directly with Microsoft to help make things better. Those are huge steps, honestly. While Microsoft didn’t hit a home run with IE7 you have to hand it to them for starting to work again, and who knows what’s next?

I guess this shows they’re not about to stop trying, nor are they done working IE, which is only a good thing. You can always cross your fingers that will be a fully Web standards complaint machine or force of nature. At any rate, Molly is going to be blogging over there at (gasp), be sure to subscribe. WaSP mentions this too.

Feb 2, 12:07 AM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, Microsoft)

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