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Final Upgrade of Firefox 2

So like a bunch of folks out there, I’ve upgraded my Firefox to version 2.0, and I’m enjoying it. I’d been playing with release candidates of course, but the biggest news is there aren’t significant rendering engine changes in this release, which is really the thing that plagues Web designers and developers everywhere. The biggest news on the dev front I’m thinking is JavaScript 1.7, which offers a glimpse of things to come. Of course, you can barely use it yet, but that’s another post.

As I’ve noted, as a developer, it’s pretty easy to install multiple copies of Firefox on the same machine, but with IE you’re going to have the same challenges you’ve always had. Fortunately, there’s some alternatives now that there didn’t used to be. That stand alone package linked there is quite nice, but we’ll see how long that lasts… Also, I have noticed some oddities with them around HTTP authentication and cookies, but I haven’t been able to nail it down yet — that’s another post also.

Multiple Firefox Installs Redux (or, just validation)

The main thing here I wanted to follow up on was my post on installing multiple copies of Firefox on your system. When I installed the final 2.0 upgrade, there were a couple things I took note of during the process which were worth mentioning.

First, if you’re in the install process and dealing with the multiple profiles I’d previously discussed, whatever you do (not that it’s unrecoverable), don’t click the checkbox at the end of the install process for “Launch Firefox now”, because it’ll end up launching with your default profile, which was probably from the prior version of Firefox. Now, it turns out that in this release, that’s not a huge deal, but it could be.

Launching the profile manager I was able to rename my profiles as I’d explained, and I hope that’s helped some of folks. The trick is, you have to update any and all shortcuts that you’ve put together. Finally, with the “Default User” profile, remember to look for that little checkbox on the profile manager which is the important one, “Don’t ask me on startup” for that profile.

Finally, one thing I did learn I think, and that was that the profile manager shortcut should probably be the one from the latest install with the “Default User” profile. Just to make things easier when you launch “without asking”. But, in the end I was able to migrate my profiles fairly easily, and I hope these two articles have helped others.

There’s a good article over at on managing profiles, which is worth the read. Enjoy.

Nov 5, 03:13 PM in Web Development (filed under Browsers)

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