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Learning from Yahoo! and YUI Theater

So I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have been loving using my trusty video iPod to check out some downloads from the Yahoo! YUI Theater.

Really, this applies to more than just iPod format downloads, but the YUI Theater over at Yahoo! is a tremendous resource that I have got to recommend to anyone interested in learning modern Web development and best practices. Not only do you have some quality entertainment (course, I’m a geek and development talks entertain me, that’s saying something about me … not sure I should be proud of that one) but you have people at the top of the industry quality-wise there just ready and willing to share.

For free. You can’t beat the price.

What’s available? They have video downloads of talks on the YUI library, Ajax, advanced JavaScript discussions from Doug Crockford and even a presentation from Joe Hewitt on Firebug. Being a JavaScript junkie wannabe I’m especially enjoying Doug Crockford’s three talks, “The JavaScript Programming Language”, “Advanced JavaScript”, and An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM”.

Go. Now. Watch. Download. Enjoy. Learn. You’d be silly not to.

Mar 18, 02:59 PM in Web Development (filed under Web101)

  1. Michael Hessling    Mar 18, 07:54 PM    #

    Agreed. It’s probably good theater. But it’s not accessible-there’s no transcript for those who need it. Very unfortunate.

  2. rob    Mar 19, 12:01 PM    #

    Wow. Yeah, excellent point. These things shouldn’t be taken for granted.

    An accessible version should be created…

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