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Firebug 1.0 Public Beta Released; Stays Open Source

Joe Hewitt has released the first public beta of the excellent Firebug 1.0.

I had the opportunity to help beta test during the private phase and I can tell you this is seriously Web development … evolved. Very cool tool which I find now a mandatory item in my toolkit of development utilities.

I’ve used it for several things already:

  • logging events as they were called in an event heavy JavaScript
  • debugging network and Ajax requests on a admin control panel
  • debugging JavaScript logic on a relationship heavy selection screen on a Content Management tool
  • debugging Ajax content requests and scripting logic on an internal tool used at Navarts
  • inspecting the CSS styles for the break up and facelift of 3 year old code which needed refreshing — I think this cut in half the time required

Firebug Remains Open Source

Additionally, Joe Hewitt had speculated on going commercial to help assist in the development of this clearly powerful tool. However, the great news is in the end it turns out he’s decided not to: it’s staying open source and free.


However, he is asking for donations to help fund it a bit, so go donate!

Firebug Lite for Internet Explorer and Safari

Additionally, Joe has released a Firebug lite JavaScript library for browsers other than Firefox. Now you can have some console.log() like functionality in Internet Explorer and Safari.

I haven’t actually tried out this script yet, but I’m anxious to. I had coded a rudimentary console.log() function a ways back to help with some of the aforementioned tasks in IE, but hey, I guess I can put that to bed right now.

Anyway, go to Get Firebug! right now!

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