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An Event Apart Boston 2007 Recap

So I thoroughly enjoyed An Event Apart, I gotta say. It was cool to meet so many great people all concerned about Web standards and great design. I don’t make it to that many conferences for various reasons, but two in the last six months — I’ve totally enjoyed both.

I have to say, it was really cool having the sort of “single track” thing going on, even with all those people packed in there. The more the merrier when the content is so great — and no difficult decisions to make with regards to what session to go to in favor of others. Wonderfully entertaining and knowledgeable presenters all around. Not to mention just funny at times. Great lunches and deserts too. But I think with my stomach a lot…



Too many to list honestly. Meeting people was great of course… but the sessions were fantastic.

  • Being the lucky winner of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Edition CS3 certainly wasn’t a bad way to end the second day.
  • Seeing (and meeting) Eric Meyer present on CSS was just awesome. I still get flack from my wife for taking “that fish book” on vacation with me one time…heh. Anyway, the man just knows his stuff.
  • Jeffery Zeldman’s presentations on Web content and selling design were exceptional, as expected.
  • Dan Cederholm and Ethan Marcotte were real entertaining. Ethan’s presentation really hit home with me because we’ve solved several problems at work in similar manners. And well, Dan’s was just cool as Simplebits and his books always are…but I didn’t know he was so damn funny. His bit on Microformats and the guy who sent him the query tool for Corkd really got me laughing… Sigh, and I just keep forgetting to get the favicon in there, ok?
  • Cameron Moll is an excellent presenter as well. Very well thought out and well, the guy gets my sympathy immediately because he revealed he’s dealing with Microsoft SharePoint in his new day job — which I am as well.
  • Steve Krug shared insights on usability testing that were quite enlightening. It’s sort of an 80/20 thing I guess.
  • Andrew Kirkpatrick from Adobe spoke on accessibility — and it’s not the most exciting topic but I learned more from that about the future of accessibility in Web than I did at another presentation I went to a ways back. Well explained for sure.
  • Jason Santa Maria spoke on Web redesigns, and was quite inspiring.
  • And last but certainly not least, Molly’s presentation on building Web browsers was awesome. I think the message hit home for the audience around the challenges there, and the diagram of the Trident engine … whoah. She’s a great presenter, with so much energy.

If you ever get a chance, do it, go and learn. They definitely pull together top rate presenters. Ok, now … back to work.

Mar 29, 11:16 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, Reviews)

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