My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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Web Development

JavaScript and CSS Compatibility Layers vs. LOE on Web Projects

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Jan 27, 10:54 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript, CSS)

I Am Not Robert Cerny

I am not Robert Cerny. Heh.

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Sep 12, 10:48 AM in Web Development (filed under Funny, JavaScript)

Dean Edwards base2 Standards JavaScript Library

Wherein I comment on Dean Edwards’ base2 standards-based JavaScript library…

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Mar 23, 12:25 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript, Elsewhere)

JavaScript Event Delegation and Event Handlers

A tutorial on using the Event Delegation method of applying events to DOM elements. This one, without the YUI! JavaScript library. (Updated, and now, spelled right! sigh ... )

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Feb 12, 02:29 PM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript)

Firefox Native Support for getElementsByClassName() and Microformats

Read a blurb about new native support for Microformats and getElementsByClassName() support in Firefox.

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Feb 5, 11:30 AM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, JavaScript)

New jQuery Release 1.1

jQuery 1.1 released. It’s 1 years old and still fun to play with. New Web site. New documentation site. A book in the works. How’s that backwards compatibility? This one goes to eleven.

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Jan 15, 10:45 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript)

JavaScript Function Arguments: Default Values, Passing Objects, and Overloading

This isn't all that new, but there's some clarity and refinements to be made to other references on the subject. Essentially, there's many cases where you might want to have a single JavaScript function which behaves differently based on what is passed to it. This is what JavaScript function arguments are for, but there's some very strong ways to exploit this which are not commonly used. In this article we'll look at:

  • function argument object and length property
  • setting default and optional values for function arguments
  • passing objects into functions as arguments
  • creating custom callbacks or a form of function overloading

Jan 7, 06:39 PM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript)

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Debugging JavaScript with Firebug for Firefox & IE

A new script which helps with debugging JavaScript using Firebug and a console like output area in Internet Explorer.

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Nov 11, 06:09 PM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, JavaScript)

Adobe Open Sources ActionScript Engine with the Mozilla Foundation

Adobe and Mozilla Open Source the next version of the Flash ActionScript engine, basing it on the next version of ECMAScript, which will be known as JavaScript 2 in Firefox. (11/8: small update + new link; 11/9: other new links)

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Nov 9, 11:13 AM in Web Development (filed under Flash, JavaScript)

Accessibility Links (Ajax, Screen Readers, Aural Stylesheets and More)

A link dump of JavaScript, accessibility and Ajax related research.

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Nov 1, 10:05 AM in Web Development (filed under Accessibility, JavaScript)

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