My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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JavaScript and CSS Compatibility Layers vs. LOE on Web Projects

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Jan 27, 10:54 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript, CSS)

Web Standards and CSS for the Large Enterprise

I've been thinking a lot lately about large enterprises which are looking at adopting Web standards-based solutions for their Web sites. Which, really is good for them and everybody else. It's to be encouraged, of course.

However, there are some notes of caution and smart ways to do things for the enterprise when implementing large scale XHTML, unobtrusive JavaScript, and/or Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) solutions, some of which may or may not apply to the smaller scale sites out there. The differences really start at the sheer volume and number of varying systems involved.

May 21, 07:06 PM in Web Development (filed under CSS, Web-Standards)


Dual CSS Background Images

A CSS technique to get two backgrounds off your body, at least until the CSS3 features work in all the browsers.

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Apr 19, 12:10 AM in Web Development (filed under CSS, XHTML)

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