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Accessibility Links (Ajax, Screen Readers, Aural Stylesheets and More)

Just a quick accessibility link dump. There’s a bunch of things I want and need to post about, but life takes over…

What follows here though is a quick follow up on my posts Accessible Ajax, A Basic Hijax Example, and Ajax and Accessibility: You’re Doing it Wrong, both of which really were about the techniques around “hijax”, or, using JavaScript to hijack a generic form request and add on some Ajax code.

Neither article is complete in the sense that the technique is only accessible if the user of a screen reading device or other assistive technology has JavaScript disabled. To be sure, many modern screen readers attempt and do render some JavaScript effects—however they don’t tend to effectively react to screen updates and the like, which you get with Ajax.

So here’s some links I’ve been collecting:

Conclusions potentially to follow for another day.

Nov 1, 10:05 AM in Web Development (filed under Accessibility, JavaScript)

  1. RB    Nov 2, 09:55 PM    #

    Thanks for the links. Good stuff.

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