My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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Critical Mass

So the last few weeks, and heck, even months have been something else, I gotta say. Been working too much again, but what’s new?

At any rate, things have been quiet around the site. That may change …uh, at least in a few weeks when I have more time…

But what’s been going on? Well without giving away too much, I can allude…

  • working lots (again)
  • putting in new floors; wow, that was expensive
  • the computer dies
  • the computer comes back
  • bees under the deck? wow, that was expensive
  • tree to be trimmed
  • overtime, huh?
  • work
  • not feeling so good; more than one of us even
  • planning a cruise for us; she’s so great :)
  • buying a cruise; wow, that was expensive (but can’t wait!)
  • Ralphie gets sick; wow, that was expensive
  • also have no idea what’s wrong with the boy; bummer
  • book edits you say?
  • nephew for a week
  • computer really dies; and doesn’t come back!
  • new computer! wow, that was expensive
  • what’s that, learn a whole new OS you say?
  • you mean to tell me the printer doesn’t work either?
  • there be whales here!
  • friends and family for another week
  • good times
  • oh, you mean the rest of the tree too? wow, that was expensive
  • the dryer quit working; wet clothes to the cleaners; fix it; wow, that was expensive
  • shore excursions; wow that was expensive
  • refinancing goodness… and badness
  • car radiators: a necessary evil; wow that was expensive
  • skunks smell really bad
  • furnace work; furnace dies
  • reworking the whole furnace; wow, that was expensive too
  • going under the knife
  • ouch, that hurt!
  • traveling for work (again)
  • ...vacation!
  • sickies…

It’s been a rough summer, and heck, even fall so far! Trying to keep things in perspective though.

We needed a vacation badly. Gladly, we took one. But that’s another post. ;-)

Oct 13, 11:39 PM in Personal Posts (filed under General)

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