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NavigationArts is Hiring

The company I work for, NavigationArts, is hiring for several positions. You can see the full list off our careers page.

In particular, I wanted to call out the “Web Developer” and “ASP.NET Web Application Developer” positions…

Web Developer

The Web developer is traditionally more focused on UI work, a CSS / XHTML / JavaScript guru would be ideal. However, they should not be afraid to get their hands dirty with some server-side stuff (some PHP, some Microsoft), some XSLT or being trained in content management systems. ActionScript or Flex experience would rock, but not critical either.

Get it? We work with a little of everything, and we pride ourselves on doing it well. All Web standards-based development all the time!

ASP.NET Web Application Developer

The Application developer ideally would be MS certified but it’s not required. What we really need is a highly experienced, effective, and independent programmer who is comfortable translating requirements into software and documenting it as well. Some staff mentoring is likely. Finally, they should also be familiar with content management tools and be comfortable working in a design-centric environment. SharePoint or Sitecore CMS would be exceptional!


Both positions require excellent written and communication skills as they will be client facing contacts.

Telecommuting is an option but it would have to be the right candidate. Feel free to contact me directly or apply via the site, I get both ;-)

NavArts is a great place to work, very relaxed and low key, and you’ll be working along side folks like Alex Giron of CSS Beauty and well, heh, me!

Feb 12, 02:33 PM in Web Development (filed under NavigationArts)

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