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2006: Retrospective

2006. What a year. Here’s to 2007. Happy new year!

  • birthday party, good times…
  • ...and very, very, bad times…
  • web site launch
  • fondue with friends
  • VA wedding, catching up
  • Outback
  • sneaking interviews
  • pearl jam dc
  • much help from friends in NJ
  • NYC?
  • Jersey? nice ranch houses
  • Boston?
  • 2 offers, life balance
  • hard to say no (twice?), but better, much better
  • timeshares in VA, pretty lame really
  • skyline drive, finally, but rushed
  • lots of traveling to MA
  • Meola’s ice cream
  • tossing too much stuff: waste not, want not
  • staging, showing, and selling the house
  • overnight drives, inspections
  • the move, the movers, the two drives
  • a new home, dogs just love a yard
  • a fallen tree, a helpful neighbor
  • a moose falls out a window
  • telecommuting, an adjustment
  • family visits
  • davis farm, lost in mazes, Audubon societies
  • adult education classes
  • many trips to VA
  • refresh dc
  • developer lunches
  • Enterprise rentals
  • refresh boston…or not
  • families’ first flights
  • the ajax experience
  • anniversary fondue
  • doing our civic duty
  • Logan empty on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • quiet Thanksgiving
  • finding new parks, wachusett, leominster, more to come
  • carjacked cabs and police dogs
  • smiley faces are for worcester, it would appear
  • windy and rainy boston night, newbury st.
  • hotels, neighbors who snore and have the same cell phone (x2)
  • too much work…
  • holiday lights
  • a Christmas drive with the boys
  • warm winter weather, first snow, finally
  • bad colds
  • new people, good times, and… fondue with friends

Oh, and I finally posted a ton of 2006 pictures. Hey, it takes time, and there’s more.

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