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Hey, I’m your host, Rob Cherny. Perhaps you remember me? Been out of pocket there for a spell, but things are settling down a bit. So what’s been going on?

Well, beginning of August Laura and I finally moved, all the way up North ways, to Massachusetts. Got ourselves a nice, beautiful single family home with a nice yard that needs mowing every week or so. Cuz you know, we have so much extra time on our hands for yardwork and such. Or, is that, “yahd-work?”. I don’t know, some people say that, some people don’t. The accent is one thing that continues to elude me.

But I don’t get out of the house as much as I used to, see, I’m still with NavigationArts, telecommuting. It’s been kinda nice, actually, not having an hour commute each way, sitting in DC traffic, wondering what else I could be doing with my time. But, I’ve been putting in a lot of hours, had a few deadlines, which didn’t make it any easier to settle in at first. Things are calming down at work a little bit, too.

At any rate, it’s beautiful here. There’s always a nice breeze, even on warm days, which we really haven’t even had a lot of. Windows open, even during the day working, so I’m getting my fair share of the fresh air, which I never used to get. I think the dogs and cats love that as well. Fair amount of rain too, which, as Laura was saying, one can only imagine would translate to a fair amount of snow, if you think about it.

So far the neighborhood seems nice, we’ve met a few of our neighbors and they seem nice too. It’s quiet, which is one of the things we were looking for. Love that. Standing out on our deck at night, checking out the stars and listening to the crickets—that’s what I’m talking about. No more airpark, and no more major road right behind the house, no more neighbors screaming at 11 PM, and no more crazy women tossing rocks at our neighbor’s house either. Loving it. This is looking good, I think.

Within a few days of getting here, we were standing on that deck, and we had the dogs out in our nice, fenced-in back yard (yahd?) and they just started tearing around chasing each other, crazy-like. This is one of the big things we were looking for, and it was a bit of a moment for me, actually. Got some nice video of it, too, you can even hear the church-bells and the dog next door if you listen close. There’s actually dogs in all the yards around us, but they’re all tied up constantly, so our boys drive them crazy. Pretty funny really, except for the one that barks at 5:30 AM. Small price to pay.

We’re figuring our way around the area, slowly but surely. There’s been plenty of trips to Home Depot already and we’re on our way to getting the house set up, mostly. Still though, there’s tons to be done and I was even moving furniture around today. The walls are still mostly bare, which is always a key element in getting a house feeling like home. However, Laura, while I’ve been working, bless her, has gotten just about every box emptied—I’ve got to pick up my slack and pitch in.

But we’re definitely getting there: bought a lawn mower, picnic table for the deck (which my wife put a finish on and it’s looking great, I might add), two new beds for guests, and yes, a snow blower. Just waiting for that first Massachusetts snow. But I won’t have to go anywhere for work, which will be nice.

Got our drivers licenses, registered the cars, got them inspected, got new car insurance, cut the grass a couple times and had both Laura and my families here for weekends. Oh, and I’ve been down to VA twice for work, but not bad, really. Although, I expect to be down, probably twice, in October.

Getting a lot done in between. Most recently, we both registered for adult education classes, and have already gone to our first classes last week. Laura’s taking a fiction writing class, and I’m taking a penciling and inking class with a guy who’s got a degree in “sequential art”. Pretty cool.

I’m looking forward to the fall colors in New England. Also looking forward to the new fall TV season, even if watching Nip/Tuck is like physical torture on a weekly basis. Damn show. And we’re looking forward to our new life here. So far so good.

Laura’s been out of town the last few days, spending some time away with her family, while I’ve been holding down the fort. I’ve been doing OK. I had a Hot Pocket. Yes, it’s actually been almost ten years since I had one of those, Dave, whether you believe it or not. See the wife, she takes good care of me.

Peace. I hope to be in touch soon. I hope everyone is well. I also hope to get back to regular updates here. We’ll see.


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