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So here’s the deal. Been very busy both at home and at work. Been traveling most weekends, and doing it again this weekend. Some of you know, some of you don’t. The gist: We’re looking at moving. Far away. Well, not that far, but far enough.

I don’t want to jinx anything but here’s the basics:

  • Yes, we have a contract on our house
  • Yes, we’ve put an offer on a house in Massachusetts
  • Yes, we’re exhausted
  • Yes, we’re excited

One day I’ll learn to spell “Massachusetts” without spell check.

Here’s the details on the potential, and Oh My I don’t want to jinx anything because it’s not a done deal so I’ll keep it short and sweet:

  • 4 bedrooms + office/den
  • 3 full baths (1 tub, 2 showers, 1 master suite)
  • 1 wall a/c
  • 2 finished floors, one unfinished cellar
  • nice sized fenced-in yard for the boyz (dogs)
  • hardwood, ceramic tile, and carpet
  • no garage, which in the winter might suck
  • no fireplace, which also in the winter might suck

But it’s beautiful. Wow is it beautiful.

Wish us luck. Once things settle a bit (no pun) I hope to post more and get back to the swing of things blogging again…

Jun 30, 12:26 AM in Personal Posts (filed under General)

  1. Dave Mertz    Jun 30, 05:31 PM    #

    Pennsylvania! Massachusetts! Mississippi!
    Sounds like a dynamite house! Cold in the Winter, however with the hardwood floors in some spots… cooler in the summer!

  2. Brian Darling    Jun 30, 10:49 PM    #

    Congrats Rob & Laura. Patty, Peter and I look forward to visiting you, Laura, and Lynn up in M-A-S-S-A-C-H-U-S-E-T-T-S.

  3. rob    Jul 1, 11:39 AM    #

    Thanks guys. I always want to spell it with “m-a-s-s-E” for some reason…

  4. Mom & Dad    Jul 10, 10:44 AM    #

    Congratulation on the progress on your move. We are very happy for you. Please let us know if we can help with anything or possible visiting time with you & Laura before you move.

  5. Love, Mom & Dad    Jul 10, 11:36 AM    #

    Dear Rob and Laura,

    We are so very happy and excited for you both with the house sale and purchase. Your pictures say alot. And, although you will really be missed on this end, we cannot wait to see the house with you in it.

    Please let us know if we can help with anything at all on either end of your move. After all, we are retired and our time is yours!

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