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Article: Business Case For Web Standards-based Development

So an article I wrote a ways back for NavigationArt’s new Insight section of our Web site was finally published. It’s an age-old, few surprises if you’re into Web standards type article, but it’s intended audience is really more business oriented and targets those that still don’t know or realize the benefits.

And trust me, they’re still out there.

The article addresses how so many in software development have missed the boat and are stuck with bad practices intermingling UI code w/ backend software and so forth.

The abstract, which I did not write, explains it fairly well:

Building Web sites with modern standards-based techniques can reduce bandwidth costs, enhance accessibility, and facilitate content management. This article prompts you to ask whether your Web techniques are stuck in the 1990s.

Enjoy. We don’t have comments or feeds on our site just yet, so feel free to comment here…

Mar 29, 10:41 PM in Web Development (filed under NavigationArts, Web-Standards)

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