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Ian Hickson on XHTML5, and Links to Google Authoring Stats

So there’s an interview over on with Ian Hickson, one of the members of the WHAT Working Group. Ian also happens to be the lead author on the (X)HTML5 or “Web Applications 1.0” specification currently being worked on and looked at by the W3C.

It’s an interesting look at the thought process going on in development of the spec. Worth a read, it’s not too long.

Google Web Authoring Statistics

But what I found more interesting, just from a curiosity stand point, was the link in the article to a study Google did on HTML elements, class names, and other parts of Web pages. I hadn’t seen this linked anywhere else (appears it’s old, December 2005), but it’s an interesting Web-wide look at site construction.

For instance, it shows the numbers of class names, IMG and BODY attributes, as well as the frequency of some disturbing things, such as Adobe GoLive and Microsoft Office tag attributes and how common they are on the Web. Scary stuff.

Mar 2, 12:26 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards)

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