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No, this post doesn’t mean I’m “back”. In fact, I’m still buried in boxes and whatnot, getting used to a big commute (wink, wink) and generally feeling like I’m behind in everything that’s going on.

However, recent posts on blogs I happened to catch made feel like I had to post, simply because there’s fuel being added to the fire which started way back in 2004. What happened in 2004 you ask? That’s when the WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) was formed. I remember it well, and I remember the rants on blogs at the time of people fed up with a W3C meeting on Web Applications and Compound Documents. I’m still looking for a specific post, but I’ve found some that were there at the time.

I don’t have time to go on about it now, but the string of posts can be found below:

Most recently, Zeldman, Eric Meyer and Molly:

Older posts on the matter. Eric Meyer’s right: When you have guys like David Baron, Brendan Eich, Ian Hickson, and of course, Eric Meyer himself walking… be afraid.

Have fun. Wonder what’s next.

Aug 16, 10:43 AM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards)

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