My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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WHATWG New Help Mailing List

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Feb 4, 04:01 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, XHTML)

(X)HTML 5 and the WHATWG Against XHTML Served as HTML

A discussion on the new specs being created by the WHATWG on (X)HTML 5 and the fact that they will no longer allow XHTML served as text/html. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not. (Now with comments from Ian Hickson to clear some things up.)

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Jan 25, 12:49 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, XHTML)

Dual CSS Background Images

A CSS technique to get two backgrounds off your body, at least until the CSS3 features work in all the browsers.

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Apr 19, 12:10 AM in Web Development (filed under CSS, XHTML)

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