My name is Rob Cherny and I'm a professional Web Developer with 16 years of experience creating Web sites and Web-based applications. This site is where I write about my work, and random other things...

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Web Development

Adapting to Web Standards: CSS and Ajax for Big Sites

Hey, so I helped write a book. About Web Standards, CSS, and Ajax, and a few other things. I think it’s pretty cool. And it’s out now.

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Dec 31, 02:51 AM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, Reviews)

Code Text Editors for Web Development

Experiences and history of code text editors I’ve used for Web Development. Past and future.

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Jul 5, 10:35 AM in Web Development (filed under Web101, Reviews)

The Markup & Style Society and Random Coincidences

Last night I went to the Markup & Style Society, had a good time, and caught up with someone I haven’t seen in 15 years.

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May 4, 10:39 AM in Web Development (filed under Reviews, General)

One Year Anniversary One year later. Thanks, constant reader. I link to a few of the more popular articles here as a retrospective.

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Apr 6, 11:04 PM in Web Development (filed under ChernyCom, Reviews)

An Event Apart Boston 2007 Recap

My quick recap of the Boston 2007 An Event Apart. Speaker highlights and overall impressions are there. Oh, wait, all the speakers were highlights …

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Mar 29, 10:16 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, Reviews)

Firebug 1.0 Public Beta Released; Stays Open Source

The first public beta of Firebug 1.0. And, announcements are made on whether or not Joe will go commercial with Firebug.

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Dec 4, 03:59 PM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, Reviews)

Coming Soon: Firebug 1.0

The new, forthcoming version 1.0 of the excellent Firebug extension promises a wealth of incredible new features. Question is, would you pay for it? I would seriously consider it.

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Nov 16, 12:57 AM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, Reviews)

Overview of FF 2 vs. IE7 As a Browser, and the Future

A quick comparison of IE7 and Firefox as browsers (not development platforms), and the future of the browser platform.

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Nov 5, 03:59 PM in Web Development (filed under Browsers, Reviews)

Blissfully Refreshing Beauty

A visit to NavArts, and Refresh DC: on Passionate Web Entrepreneurship with Alex from CSSBeauty and Joshua Lane from AnimatedBliss.

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Oct 21, 03:42 PM in Web Development (filed under General, Reviews)

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