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WHATWG New Help Mailing List

Hot on the hells of my post about (X)HTML5 (also known as Web Applications 1.0) and text/html — which I might add if you didn’t see it was clarified by Ian Hickson — in which I stated the WHATWG needed better way to communicate … the WHATWG has gone and set up a mailing list specifically for developers who are interested in asking questions about (X)HTML5.

The WHATWG Help Mailing List has been established for answering web developers’ general questions about Web Applications 1.0 (HTML 5 and XHTML 5) and Web Forms 2.0.

If you’ve read the specifications and The whatwg Mailing List Archives wondering, “When can I use HTML 5?”, this is the mailing list for HTML 5 help.

Huh. Awesome. I think this new mailing list really speaks to their interest in getting it right and getting information out there. This way, people like me don’t have to go printing misinformation only to be corrected all over the place ;-)

Go sign up!

Feb 4, 04:01 PM in Web Development (filed under Web-Standards, XHTML)

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