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New jQuery Release 1.1

Over at the jQuery Blog they’ve announced the latest and greatest jQuery release, 1.1. Oh, and it’s their birthday, 1 year ago jQuery was first released on an unsuspecting Web.

If you haven’t tried writing code using jQuery, I highly suggest you try it out. It’s just so much fun to use and so easy to get it to do all the things that you need from a DOM manipulation library. It was built from the ground up with the types of things you do when writing code in mind:

  • finding things
  • looping over things
  • manipulating things

Really though, what more do you need? Well, there’s tons of plugins.

What’s New in jQuery 1.1

They’ve got a new version of the Web site. They’ve got huge performance boosts. They’ve added new ways to add and remove event handlers in the same line of code. You can now pass functions in as attributes and css properties. On top of the powerful CSS selector support, now there’s custom filters. Oh, and comma delimited lists in filter functions. So easy to find things on a page in jQuery, I love it.

They’ve also updated the documentation site, making it way easier to learn how to use jQuery.

And lastly, they announced that there’s a jQuery book in the works. While I’m excited about that, I wonder about a book based on something that changes so much. What’s the code base going to be? Will it be out of date real quickly? jQuery is constantly evolving, so that sounds like a huge challenge.

jQuery 1.1 Not Backwards Compatible

If you’re using jQuery already, the most important thing to note is that it’s NOT BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE with jQuery 1.0.4. They’ve released a compatibility plugin just in case, but it’s something to keep in mind. The details on that is in the 1.1a release announcement.

Heh, I just realized the URL for this entry makes it look like jQuery “11” is out. Well, 1.1. “But, this one goes to eleven”.

Jan 15, 10:45 AM in Web Development (filed under JavaScript)

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