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Back From Alaska With The Typhoid Chernys

So we’ve been back for almost two weeks, which is hard to believe since we’ve been sick almost the whole time. Back from where, you ask? Well, we just spent 10 days on a cruise from Seattle, Washington, to Alaska’s inside passage.

Best. Trip. Ever.

Well, honestly, we don’t take enough trips, vacations, time away, or anything, so “best” is of course relative.

Couple conclusions to be had:

  • Alaska rocks
  • cruises rock
  • the ms Noordam is a “good ship” (haha)
  • colds suck
  • getting sick sucks
  • getting sick on vacation sucks
  • but vacations rule

Well we were fortunate, while Laura did begin to feel sick towards the end, before we were hit too badly we were finishing up. So what were the highlights? Oh it’s too hard. I could go on and on. We have tons and tons of pictures and video (thanks, Laura, best idea ever!) to go through. That will take some time, there’s much to be done there.

Anyway, as I said, highlights?

  • cruising: vacation in style
  • dolphins out the window
  • whales out the window
  • glaciers blow the mind
  • eagle watching
  • the mountains and seascapes are unreal
  • crab fishing rocks

But now, time to rest. I think we’ve gone through two colds each, back to back. Laura’s on the mend, but I feel like hell. Oh well. It was an awesome trip though. It’s amazing what a great vacation can do to reset your perspective and head’s place.

More to come.

Oct 14, 12:00 AM in Personal Posts (filed under General)

  1. Milan Negovan    Oct 15, 04:02 PM    #

    Never been to Alaska, but you’re the third blogger I’ve heard praise it so highly. Will pictures be available? :)

  2. Rob Cherny    Oct 16, 11:54 AM    #

    Hey Milan, yes! Yes pictures will be available. I’m on the road for work this week but am trying to filter through them and get the good ones posted to Flickr, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m anxious to subject people to the pictures too ;-)

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