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So this is a Massachusetts Winter

So our Massachusetts winter experience started off really, really slow, as New England was hit late last year with the warm winter syndrome as much as just about the rest of the east coast.

Then, it got darn cold.

But now, it’s in full swing.

  • Snow on the 14th
  • Snow on the 22nd
  • Snow on the 25th
  • Snow on the 27th

Yeah, ok, this must be New England and Massachusetts in the winter.

And, from what I gather, that’s been nothing short of tame.

Update: Snow on the 28th, snow and freezing rain on the 2nd. Geeze, it never stops! We’re too lazy to dig out of this. Thank God I work at home. Sheesh.

Feb 27, 11:14 AM in Personal Posts (filed under New-England)

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  1. Michael Hessling    Feb 27, 01:14 PM    #

    Today, it’ll hit 50 degrees F down here.

    Where’s my sun reflector?!

  2. rob    Feb 27, 09:37 PM    #

    50? Wow. We might have hit 40, and a ton of the snow melted, but I’m guessing we’re a week or two from 50. Even with all the melting, there’s still several inches everywhere ...

  3. Mertzman West    Mar 2, 03:16 AM    #

    I watched Star Wars Episode IV the other night and thought of you when Luke goes looking for Obi-Wan… What have you been up to?????? Are you waiting for the right time to make your return!?

  4. rob    Mar 2, 11:44 AM    #

    Just busy and behind. I’d love to say I have some master plan but it’s not likely the truth. I have tons of personal email to catch up on, and reactions to news great and small…

    We had company last weekend and then again this weekend and next, so I’ve just been trying to balance my time.

    Hope all is well on the left coast!

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