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The Weather Outside is Frightful

So since moving to Massachusetts we’ve experienced the climate change in interesting ways. It rains a lot. There’s lots of fog off and on. And into December of 2006 we had a lot of 60-70 degree (F) days, just like back home in Maryland. We’ve also seen a number of rainbows. There’s always a nice breeze. It’s not humid. It’ll be 25 degrees in the AM and then it’ll be 45-50 in the afternoon. The sun is good and warm.

A few weeks ago we got our first snow, and I guess there’s been maybe three in total. Two snowed on top of each other, but seriously, so far anyway it’s been little more than about an inch.

I’m sure our time will come.

But this morning? Just cold. Really cold. Ok, so I’m sure out in Minnesota they’ve gotten colder on a regular basis, and this probably won’t be as cold as we see. But it’s just a milestone for us.

Cold Weather

I just noticed posted a similar shot. Well, Mr. Zeldman, NYC at 9 degrees may be cold, but how about -5 ? Ok, they’re both darn cold.

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