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Lesson's of a Blogger

Hmmm, so I posted something in response to something, then along came the original author and sure enough, my new post was partially moot. So, step one, pick up foot. Step two, insert in mouth.

What was even weirder was the original author happened to be online at just the moment I posted and commented on it, so I was able to update my script right away, however, it left me feeling a little silly.

Ok, so lessons learned?

  1. read about problem
  2. think about problem
  3. update and test script about problem a couple days later
  4. write up and post about problem
  5. link to solution BEFORE reading latest about problem

ooops, that should be:

  1. READ latest on the problem
  2. FIX proposed solution to problem
  3. THEN post about proposed solution

Yeah, well, day by day, right…

Jul 3, 02:43 PM in Personal Posts (filed under ChernyCom, Funny)

  1. Matthias Miller    Jul 4, 01:24 AM    #

    lol…I just read what was up with the alerts. The coincidence is too funny!

  2. rob    Jul 4, 11:36 AM    #

    Coincidence? Well… you decide! ;-)

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