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A Bacon Anniversary

Ten years ago yesterday two good friends of mine, Matt and Stephanie, tied the knot. I was cleaning my closet yesterday and found a picture of my table label from their wedding, and a flood of memories came back. Congratulations guys.

Ten years ago yesterday two good friends of mine, Matt and Stephanie, tied the knot. I was cleaning my closet yesterday and found a picture of my table label from their wedding, and a flood of memories came back. Congratulations guys.


I have no idea what table # I was at, but I know I sat somewhere. ;-)

Matt and Steph (affectionately known as "Stephie") are two of the sweetest people you could meet. Big hearts, with big smiles.

As long as I've known Matt, he's been devoted to Steph. I remember I first met Matt in high school, at the job where we both worked, and I remember him pulling me aside and letting me know he'd landed a date with the girl he'd been wanting to be with for a while... he was totally psyched. From there it was rare to see him come by off hours without Steph. I didn't know either of them real well (we didn't go to the same school), but you could just see it when they were together: A more perfect match you couldn't find. They were together and that was that -- that was the plan.

When Matt and I coincidentally ended up on the same floor in our college dorm, I remember him making time for phone calls to Steph on a regular basis (Steph was still in high school purgatory, and then another school), whispering into the phone in the corner of the room as the rest of us went about our obnoxious, often loud and unruly business. Some guys, when they're away at school with the long distance relationship, especially college, you might see start to wander... or at least consider it. I don't think I ever saw Matt second guess his relationship with Steph.

Time came and went and Steph ended up at our school and often at our apartment, 19 Stonewain Court, on a frequent basis. It was great fun. The two of them, inseparable. Steph became a dear friend too, and you couldn't help but love her. She became "Stephie" to my "Bobby", and what can you say? We got a good dog, Indy. We partied (a little), we went skiing, biking, camping, trick-or-treating (with "Towson Man!"), tried out scary hotels, and even rode horses. Great times, great memories.

Matt popped the question and they got engaged, bought a house and along came the wedding. Dave had a bright orange... car. The washboard was gone ("What happened!?"). He and Josh were looking down wedding dresses, Scott and Jen were going through a thing, and Rob was dropping glasses in the middle of the dance floor. Oh, and having his car stolen. But I don't blame them, and never will. Any more than I blame Jeff for puking all down the side of the car off Interstate 95 the night before, after the bachelor party. Almost like he knew. Freakin' car crooks didn't know what they were getting, let me tell you. Serves them right.

But the wedding had it's magic: I remember being amazed by the multi-denominational ceremony and thinking how cool the Jewish part was (I was raised Catholic). I got drunk and dropped stuff. People noticed. It was a good time. The pictures tell a thousand words, and I tell you they were totally happy that day.

That table label looks a little worn now, but they're going strong. Maybe my wet hand from the dropped drink smeared the ink. Who knows.

Years have gone by and they are raising two beautiful boys, have a new dog and are still taking great care of the old girl Indy from 19 Stonewain Court. Their home is always open and more giving and wonderful people you will not meet.

The two of them, they have this playful and sometimes sarcastic interaction which just makes you laugh. But they've always been together, and I have no doubt they always will be. That always was the plan, and always will be the plan.

Here's to many, many more memories.

Cheers, and congratulations guys.

Oh, and happy birthday, Matt.

(one day this sort of thing will go on, but ... well you never know ...)

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  1. Stephie    May 29, 11:09 AM    #


    You make a girl cry! You too are a wonderful friend, a friend for life. Thank you for all the nice things you said about Matt & I and bringing up and remembering all the great memories.


  2. rob    May 29, 01:02 PM    #

    Happy anniversary guys! Laura and I hope to see you both soon!

  3. Scott    Jun 26, 01:19 PM    #


    Beautiful. Really beautiful. I don’t think anyone could have summarized the past 15 years for Matt/Steph in such a sweet and succinct manner.

    The wedding night was fun and eventful, that’s for sure. Still hard to believe it’s been 10 years. I can still feel the rust beneath my feet while standing in the back of Dave’s bright orange El Camino :)

    Wishing many more years of happiness to the Malcom Family and to my other lifelong friends who read this as well. Looking forward to more good times together… and hotels nicer than the Copper Kettle.

    Much love,

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